Roulette Review offers a full bitcoin sportsbook and casino, built ground-up with proprietary software. As the games are all unique to the site, gameplay there offers a refreshing change of pace. is regularly making updates, with promised features in the near-term including an upcoming HTML5 Roulette game and additional sportsbook options including live in-play betting.
The site design is clean, simple, and easy to navigate. All casino games are provably-fair with a changeable client seed, and designed in mobile-friendly HTML5.

There is no flash on the site, and Blackjack, Baccarat, and Hi-Lo are represented thus far.

We especially enjoyed using the history board with Baccarat, and look forward to seeing what games are to come.
One item of note with is their listing on the popular under the symbol “CBTC”, which offers financial transparency and public updates to their players and investors.

The sportsbook offers reduced juice to -107 lines currently, but we’d love to see even better odds to make the site truly competitive. Betting limits are dynamic and generous, although not the highest we’ve seen. US Sports and major soccer leagues are well represented with 1st half and halftime wagers available, but we’d like to see add more betting options and international focus. They’ve also added a parlay feature, and promise an overhaul to a “sportsbook 2.0″ version of the site in the coming weeks/months.

An area of great potential for are their peer versus peer options – so far, they’ve a very popular NFL Suicide league, with over 12.5 bitcoin in combined prizes this season.

While there were a solid number of entries to the pools, we were unable to judge the exact amount of players online at any moment.

Customer support has been extremely quick and friendly in all our communications, currently primarily offered via Skype, email, and the bitcointalk forum. They are very dedicated to providing customers with the best service. shared a sneak peak of their advanced new affiliate backend with us, which will offer all players a chance to earn money by inviting friends to play. They also are starting to offer promotions from time to time to members registered with a valid email address, and via their sponsored blog, checks out as a promising, reputable option, with some of the greatest potential out there – we look forward to observing their progress for a long time to come as they compete with some of the bigger players!
Click here to play on now! is an excellent Bitcoin sports betting website with a wide range of options.

  • Software
  • Customer Support
  • Financial Security
  • Player Traffic
  • Promotions
  • Pros
  • Constant updates and improvements
  • Many US sports and soccer leagues
  • HTML5 casino games
  • Cons
  • Lacking international options
  • Could use more betting options
  • 4.6 Overall Score
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