Casino Slots Review – Bitcoin Reviewer (also known as Bitcoin Live Bets), is a new Bitcoin sportsbook that allows players to place bets on sports events in real time. The sportsbook also allows players to place regular bets, like other sportsbooks.

The site allows players to place hundreds of different live bets on a large variety of sports games. The site supports bets for many sports including soccer, American football, and baseball. Bets can even be placed in the last minutes of a game, which is not very common in the Bitcoin sportsbook world.

Bitcoin Live Bets Betting Screen

The site’s software lets users filter through the extensive list of sports games very easily, to find a match to bet on. It is very simple to select the type of bet you want to place, and choose how much you want to bet. The site requires the Flash plugin to be installed in your browser in order to bet, but a new HTML5 client is currently being developed. This will allow players to bet on their mobile devices and computers, without requiring any special plugins. We found some parts of the site to be quite glitchy, especially during the loading of the Flash application.
Deposits and withdrawals on the site are advertised to be fast. We were able to deposit and withdraw BTC quickly without any issues.

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Summary: Bitcoin Live Bets does exactly what it advertises: it offers players an excellent selection of live sports bets. 4

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