Bitcoin Roulette Websites

to Try The game of roulette has certainly changed a lot since its introduction in the 18th century. Bitcoin is now changing the roulette scene, adding provable fairness, animated wheels, and more.

Millions of dollars have been won and lost on the age-old game, because it is so easy to play.

Anybody can place bets without memorizing patterns or card hands. The idea is extremely simple: you place a bet on one or more numbers, and you hope for the best as the ball spins. The amount of Bitcoins you receive is based on the probability of winning the bet. For example, if you bet on black or red, you will receive double of what you wagered in the first place. Betting on just one number lowers the chances of winning, but you could win more Bitcoins.

There are two types of roulette wheels which can be commonly found in Bitcoin casinos.

In the European version of the game, there are 37 numbers where the ball may land (0-36). The house edge would be 2.63%. The American counterpart has an additional zero, so there are 38 total possibilities. This doubles the house edge to 5.26%, making this type much more less popular.

In a real-world casino, bets would be accepted until the ball has slowed down, and the dealer announces that no more chips may be placed on the table. However, it is played differently with Bitcoin. You would typically be playing alone, so the wheel will only spin after you press the button. This gives you more time to think about what number you think the wheel will stop at.

Many strategies can be employed in this game, including the martingale, and Paroli.

Players may also use more complicated tactics, such as the cancellation strategy (also known as the Labouchère system). It requires writing down a series of numbers, and crossing one off each time you win. However, it is important to consider the fact that there is no way to win in the long term, no matter what betting pattern you use.

Nearly every gambling website which accepts Bitcoin offers this classic betting game, but there are a number of casinos which offer the game exclusively. You can find our ratings for Bitcoin roulette sites in this list.