BitStars Review

Bitcoin Reviewer is the latest new Bitcoin based online casino in what seems to be a rapidly growing market place. The space itself has seen a lot of growth although the vast majority of these casinos tend to be rather drab and uninspiring, particularly when it comes to slot offerings. This is where Bitstars […]

Poker Bets Big and Loses. Literally

“The weird thing is that he is online pretty much every day,” wrote TheNewAnon. “Most scammers just take the money and disappear. I wonder why he is still around.” “Isn’t that weird?,” replied Quone17. “It seems like that would increase the chances that someone who’s owed 50 BTC will track him down…and make him pay.” […]

Casino Slots Review – Bitcoin Reviewer (also known as Bitcoin Live Bets), is a new Bitcoin sportsbook that allows players to place bets on sports events in real time. The sportsbook also allows players to place regular bets, like other sportsbooks. The site allows players to place hundreds of different live bets on a large variety of sports games. The […]

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Bitcoin Sports Betting Made Easy

How many times have you sat on the couch during a sporting event and thought to yourself, “I so could have called that!”? Thanks to sports betting, confident predictors have the opportunity to put their money where their mouths are by placing it on the result of a match. Many people choose to shy away […]


BitZino Review

Bitzino is a Bitcoin gambling site that focuses on casino-style gameplay, rather than dice rolls or multiplayer games. The casino was launched in June 2012, and is one of the pioneers of provably fair gambling. BitZino released a paper entitled “Provably Fair Shuffling Through Cryptography“, which explains the concept of fair wagering employed by the […]

Roulette Review offers a full bitcoin sportsbook and casino, built ground-up with proprietary software. As the games are all unique to the site, gameplay there offers a refreshing change of pace. is regularly making updates, with promised features in the near-term including an upcoming HTML5 Roulette game and additional sportsbook options including live in-play betting. […]


Bitcoin Roulette Websites

to Try The game of roulette has certainly changed a lot since its introduction in the 18th century. Bitcoin is now changing the roulette scene, adding provable fairness, animated wheels, and more. Millions of dollars have been won and lost on the age-old game, because it is so easy to play. Anybody can place bets […]


Bitcoin Reviewer: Bitcoin Gambling & Poker Sites, Casino Reviews

Bitcoin Reviewer provides reviews of all sorts of Bitcoin gambling sites, including casinos, sports betting, poker, and dice. Many people new to betting with Bitcoin will look for a site on which they can wager their new-fangled cryptocurrency. Although the payment network itself may be complicated, the games in which you can wager it are […]

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Bitcoin Gambling Scripts – What You Should Know – Bitcoin Reviewer

Bitcoin gambling bots and automated scripts are commonly used to bet on dice and casino games. However, they are not all as perfect as they seem. Many dice players prefer using gambling scripts and bots to bet BTC. It is possible to roll the dice using strategies that would be time-consuming if done manually. For […]

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CloudBet Review

Until there’s a Swiss army knife of bitcoin sports betting sites, we’ll all likely be using more than one. Today I added to my betting shortcuts. There are a number of metrics to evaluate when you’re picking a gambling site. It can be almost as hard as picking your bet itself. Well, there’s anonymity […]